Dr Zafar Usmani

Dr Zafar Usmani

Respiratory & Sleep Physician

Dr Zafar Usmani is a Respiratory & Sleep Physician working in both public and private sectors. He completed his advanced respiratory training at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, South Australia and his advanced sleep training from the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, SA (a world renowned centre of excellence for sleep training).

Dr Usmani provides specialist services for a variety of Respiratory & Sleep conditions, particularly, sleep disorder (his special interest). He also provides consultation for Asthma, Pleural diseases, Complex sleep disorders, and Lung nodules & Lung mass.

He has received various awards, grants and scholarships during his training including, Foundation Daw Park grant, David Horowitz Memorial Research Grant and Cochran Airways Group Scholarship. His main research interests are, "new modalities of treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea and management of anxiety in COPD".