We provide FREE onsite parking, but it can get full.    We apologise for when it does.

There is a yellow boomgate across the car park entrance, on the Southern side of the building.  This automatically lifts up as you drive in.  We provide a token to exit the boomgate – a one-way system.  

The boomgate system is to preserve parking for our patients.  Prior to it’s installation, our car park was full every morning by 8 am with TQEH staff, patients and visitors.

COMING FROM the NORTH – Port Road direction.   

It is easier to see the entrance boomgate if you’re coming from the North.    Get into the right-hand lane, put your indicators on to turn Right and fully pass our modern single-story building.   You may have to wait a minute or so in the middle of the road until the oncoming traffic has a break in it.  Turn into boomgate.

COMING FROM THE SOUTH – Findon Road direction. 

As soon as you pass a very large gum tree with a sign on it “QEH Staff parking only” (this is the entrance to the multi-storey TQEH staff park), put your indicators on to turn LEFT and SLOW RIGHT DOWN.  Pass the next two properties (white house “Eye Doctors” and red brick flats).  The entrance boomgate is now immediately on your left and is a 90turn.  You need to be almost at a stopping speed to turn into boomgate.  

The unfortunate situation is if the car park becomes full.  You can’t drive out if the rear boomgate is down (we sometimes put it up on excessively busy days).  Therefore someone stuck in one of the cars needs to temporarily lock their car and come in and tell us that the car park is full and there is a build up of cars.  Or phone us from your car if you have a mobile – 8244 4105.

When full, it’s necessary to park at TQEH across the road – parking is free for the first two hours.